Capri Lanes

Dayton, OH

Driving back from breakfast this morning, Dan spied this sign in the distance. It was worth taking the long way home and pulling into the parking lot for a photo or two.

I suppose it lends some balance to the Governours Square sign I posted earlier this week. Both represent styles of design from their respective periods, and have held up fairly well. I favor the Capri Lanes era (they opened in 1959—right on the edge of the sixties, anti-war and civil rights movements.) The lines are dynamic—very different from my own style—but something I respect and enjoy.

Blah blah blah, you see those clouds up there? Yeah, that’s what it’s like outside right now and I’m spouting off about signs.

I’m going to ride my bike.

Current music: Cyndi Lauper “Echo”

3 responses to “Capri Lanes”

  1. Geoff Avatar

    I particularly liked the last couple lines of this post; reminded me that i need to go outside as well. Hope you had a nice ride.

  2. Alana Avatar

    I had a point and shoot in my car the last time I drove by my favorite sign so I snapped a picture. I’m hoping that it will still be there this summer when I drive by so I can take a good pic.

  3. Noah Avatar

    that’s right down the street from the house i grew up in! sweet!!!