Core Memory

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP8/F

Can’t stop looking at images from Mark Richards’ Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers.

I’m trying to be more budget-conscious this year, but I feel compelled to purchase this book—much like I would feel compelled to flip every single one of those switches. Take that touchscreens.

And that color palette rocks. It was a good era. See the 150-in-one electronic kit.

An inspiring way to start the Monday, with a hat tip to Coudal for pointing it out. (Related props: Have you seen the archived coin flips for Layer Tennis?)

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2 responses to “Core Memory”

  1. jhonapplebag Avatar

    When and climb knew I still off every stretching beechnuts that day.

  2. george Avatar

    Computers from the good old days…Notice the registers go from ZERO to 11. Yah the good old days… Now I got to go back to my phone-coupled modem and teletype so I can play “Lunar” on on the Control Data Mainframe.