This afternoon? It went down.

They call me Bunyan [ + zoom ]

Ever heard of Photoshop Tennis? It’s this thing where designers hit a file back and forth, adding, subtracting, and mixing it up. There’s commentary along the way and at the end, a winner is declared.

It’s called Layer Tennis now, because it’s not limited to Photoshop. I figure that’ll make more sense as the tournaments go on and we see different types of matches being played out.

Like tomorrow, it might be a little more twisted than usual—I’m pitted against Naz (see his post about the match) and we’re going to be using photos instead of graphics to throw down on the virtual court.

Read a preview of the match written by Rosecrans Baldwin (he lies) and watch the mayhem.

We got 15 minutes between volleys and man did Spike throw me some curve balls. I threw back. Oh, and you gotta check out the coin toss.

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12 responses to “This afternoon? It went down.”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    This is the most awesome picture on the internet.

  2. Joshua Bryant Avatar

    That photo is fantastic!
    I can’t wait to witness the match, its about the only one I’ve been looking forward to. Good luck.

  3. communicatrix Avatar

    I think you won already. And I don’t want to know how you acquired that t-shirt.
    Wait–I totally do.

  4. Kevin Avatar

    awesome! i’ll be watching for sure this afternoon. that photo is amazing.

  5. Sameer Vasta Avatar

    Good luck today: I’m looking forward to it! Also, I love that t-shirt.

  6. Mike Swimm Avatar

    Congrats on the win!!!
    No contest IMHO.

  7. Joshua Bryant Avatar

    What a sweet match, great job. Optimus Prime holding the crumpled sign was amazing, and the finish was just as cool. :thumbsup:

  8. Rachel Avatar

    very entertaining. congradjumulashuns!

  9. Brian Faust Avatar

    Congrats, Chris. Smashing work.

  10. Dean Avatar

    Well done Chris! Naz is a fine designer but you were on top of your game today!

  11. cramer Avatar

    Great match. Your good humor served you well. Very well done.
    Could you post a recap of the match from your perspective? I want a post game presser. You can even resort to jock clichés if you like. Particularly interested in the final shot.

  12. amy Avatar

    You kicked his ass.