Category: Cincinnati

  • An early morning walk

    French Park I was the epitome of homebody last night. A couple of rented movies became background blurs as I sat on the couch and surfed for a while. I had half a mind to pull some Lego® from the basement and just tinker, but I got sucked into a book instead. I ate soup. […]

  • Face Off

    A ride at pride I wanted nothing more than to stay at home with the skies hinting at storms. But I hadn’t gotten to Kings Island this year, and there were new rides, and tonight, since it was Pride Night, there would be no lines. So I went, by myself… Hoping I’d run into my […]

  • Cincinnati as destination city

    The Big Mac Bridge This weekend our bear group hosts a run. It’s called Furgasm, just sayin the name makes me chuckle. I ventured out on Friday night to bars I never visit. I was surprised at the quality of music and dancing bears. I was however, keeping one eye peeled for Alex as I […]

  • Queen City Balladeers 40th Anniversary Reunion and Hootenanny

    Michael Sylvester with the River City String Band The folk music get together was held at the Old St. George Center next to campus. A converted church, it serves multiple community purposes now. It’s a pretty fantastic building, and the evening light coming through the stained glass lent a warm glow to the evening. This […]

  • Breakfast with Ali

    “I’m the most recognized and loved man that ever lived cuz there weren’t no satellites when Jesus and Moses were around, so people far away in the villages didn’t know about them.” – Muhammad Ali Accidentally went to bed at a reasonable hour with the windows open, perfect breeze and freshly laundered sheets. Missed going […]

  • Bling

  • Not every day is a walk in Glacier Park

    Handy Today was sort of quiet, aside from the tasty vittles at Benihana for lunch. Afterwards, window shopped at the sign shop and saw these strange hands. The afternoon was spent learning how to properly screen print with Tom at a local supplier. Got lots of good tips on what we’ve been doing wrong, so […]

  • Baby, if you’ve ever wondered.

    He thought they were the most glorious birds in the world. Then, many years later, he found they were only seagulls. I always thought they were glorious birds. After closing the checkbook, I found a sixpack of beer in the fridge at work. Heather got ready for a Goodbye-Jen-Chick-Dinner-Thing and cleaned out her purse. We […]

  • Signs everywhere

    Hathaway Stamp Company After a week of the doldrums and gray weather, often rain, we’ve been experiencing some mighty fine weather. Damn near perfect. I had a brief meeting downtown and went back to find Dave ready for lunch at the office. Sandwiches from Gretchen’s Deli at Piatt Park baskin in the sun were tasty. […]

  • Contemporary Art

    Happy I spent most of the day working with Tom to assemble the silk-screen machine, only to find out, near the end, we had installed some stuff upside down, and failed to put a bushing at the bottom to make it spin proper. Once we realized this, it was time to throw in the towel. […]