Category: Cincinnati

  • Dinner Club: Boca

    Yum I raced back from Columbus just in time for dinner club. My stomach was still very queasy from some bad food mojo earlier in the week, but I decided to take it easy and get some nourishment and visit with friends. We ate at Boca, another joint right across the street from me which […]

  • Northside graffiti

    In the alley off Hamilton Ave. Encouraged by the Beautiful Losers exhibition and recent posting by BlackCustard, I thought this piece of work just around the corner from my digs warranted closer inspection. Getting up close, I was blown away by the sheer amount of detail. Things I never noticed even walking by. See a […]

  • Dinner Club: Slims (The First)

    The second course, or was it the third… Twelve friends gathered at Slims for the first of what we hope is a successful run of meeting up at area restaurants to play catch up and enjoy food without the pressure of hosting, cooking or cleaning. I don’t often marvel at the composition of the folks […]

  • Dishwashing

    Scrubbing in front of Wyoming in relief Some simplification happens when you cut your rent in half. Along with a garage and fireplace and lawn and driveway and microwave and washer/dryer in the basement and porch, I also lost a dishwasher. Thing is, I’m not lamenting any of these… things — these creature comforts. And […]

  • Spring Grove

    Grandma The day was entirely too beautiful to be indoors, so I opted out of any museuming in favor of a walk outside. I called up my grandmother to see if she was game, and it was a wrestling match with the phone – my wireless connection and my mom’s broken receiver. We managed to […]

  • Beautiful Loser

    Mixed media installation on 1979 Ford delivery Truck Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano Dave and I were productive monkeys today, getting business in order, watering plants in the studio, and tackling piles of papers. Wandering around downtown for lunch, nonplussed with the options, we stumbled across the installation outside the CAC. I’ve determined that I’ll […]

  • Northside Tavern

    Doodling at the keyboard (of a laptop) I’m getting hot tips from Alex up in Columbus of music I should check out. So I wandered down the street and into the Northside Tavern around 10pm last night. The band I was encouraged to see was still setting up, but it would take a while. They […]

  • The National: at the Comet in Northside

    Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers Living in Northside is already paying off. After hedging and complaining that we’re old fogies, Tom and I made it out to the Comet up the street to catch a band. Small world, he knew some of the members from college and here they were back in town, on the […]

  • An Evening with Dame Edna

    The Dame fishes for shoes from audience members Complimentary tickets in the corporate suite were too good to pass up, at the request of my mom and brother, so tonight I breezed through the 100 miles back to Cincinnati for an evening show. The drive home was spectacular as dusk and I fell upon the […]

  • Rigs

    …got a long way to go, and a short time to get there. Lots of interesting things to see around my new neighborhood. It’s the side of the tracks, well, with the tracks and Union Terminal. There are factories, mostly Proctor and Gamble products, and trucking yards (I guess that’s what they’re called). There’s something […]