Baby, if you’ve ever wondered.

He thought they were the most glorious birds in the world.
Then, many years later, he found they were only seagulls.
I always thought they were glorious birds.

After closing the checkbook, I found a sixpack of beer in the fridge at work. Heather got ready for a Goodbye-Jen-Chick-Dinner-Thing and cleaned out her purse. We giggled some.

She left and I just sorta lumbered around the office, nursing budweiser, taking some pictures. Fiddling online.

All of a sudden, a few hours had passed.

I met up with the 8 or so chicks across the river at the “Irish” Pub, in Kentucky. This would likely be my farewell to Jen, until “next time.” She says, next time should be in her neck of the woods. I agree.

Traditional Irish music is being played by a family sitting around the fireplace. This hearth area opens out to a patio overlooking the city.

I catch up with Stacy, and talk about her photography. She took pictures at Gretchen’s wedding and there are some knockout candid shots. I admire her use of film as we go through an album and pick out favorites.

I get a pint.

Jen is blocking the wide open double doors as I return. She’s covered in warm light and the cool city is twinkling behind her. The music gets a wee bit feisty, and Jen has that look in her eye.

We get jiggy with it.

Spinning afterward, we receive a kind welcome from the band and return to a seated and upright position.

Most of the chicks leave. A good friend of Heather’s, shows up late. We walk across the bridge, have some grass and look at the city.

It’s a gorgeous night.

I got real huggy.