Chili and Jesus

He could’ve baked the most delicious cake in the world

Lunch with Dave at Potluck. For you Cincinnatians, get the chili if you like it hot. Might replace Kaldi’s black bean chili as my favorite kicky soup. I started to sweat under the collar t-shirt a little.

I don’t think Potluck makes any bad food. The cuban sandwich I had was delicious.

Passed a Jesus statue behind a window on the way back to the pad and avoided the gravitational pull of the record store.

Independence Day Parade

The fire dept was able to make the parade, this after the countless calls they had last night, blaring their sirens out my window.

Art and I crawled up on the roof last night to see the fireworks off in the distance of every direction. Seems that firecrackers sold on the sides of the interstate are approaching professional quality. Scary stuff, but pretty. Luckily we were safe from any stray ones gone wonky.

I’m not sure if it was a twinge of patriotism or simple celebration that got me wistful. At one moment though, that moment of pride vanished. I wondered if this is what the skies look like in Iraq.

Art left early this afternoon before the route for the parade would prevent his escape from Northside.

I went up to my mom’s house, located right at the beginning of the spectacle. My sis, niece, brother, grandmother and mom sat on the porch enjoying the breeze and lemonade.

Old favorites like the Ladies Auxiliary Lawnchair brigade and the Men’s Drill Team were present, along with a VERY large group of Republicans for Kerry.

I’ve not seen such a political bent against a President in my lifetime, Clinton’s ridiculous impeachment attempt aside.

A big grillout with all the expected fixins was had. One sole tomato from the garden was ripe and we divvied up slices. It was delicious.

My stomachs full again, now that I’ve finished off a plate of leftovers.

PhotosI took plenty of photos.

25 years and still awesome

The Beast

I got some stuff out the door and checked off early Friday.

After noon, Art and I decided to go to Kings Island spur of the moment with some free passes I had.

It was a muggy day, slightly overcast. Hoping that would work to our advantage, we were right– the 9 dollar parking lot wasn’t very full at all. Everyone was likely en-route to holiday destinations.

Lots of families were out, but that opens up the lines on the thrill rides.

We never waited more than 3 go rounds on any coaster, except for the whitewater canyon adventure thing. (I got drenched.)

The Beast, celebrating its 25th year, never fails to put a grin on my face. As Art put it, it’s like a runaway train in the woods. It still holds the record for longest wooden coaster after all this time.

I coerced him to get on the DropZone, my favorite ride, even though he’s got a slight thing against heights. He enjoyed it.

We were beaten up and bruised from the Son of Beast and called it a day, walking past the new security gates with metal detectors.

Cincinnati Pride 2003

A complete stranger

I lollygagged around the apartment until the beats from the bar woke me up. Soon the drag queens would take over the fire escape next door with microphone and loudspeaker, firing up the crowd as the parade wound down the hill and through the first part of Northside.

I went over and had a grilled hotdog in the park and was glad to see there was a good crowd today, very different than the sparse turnout on Saturday.

The parade came and went, as the crowd dispersed to the park for music, beer and Graeters ice cream, this chick with the mustache handsign hollered at me, “Hey, take my picture.”

I obliged and said thanks. She said, “You didn’t take my picture” and I said sure I did and showed her the preview.

I’m suffering from a bit of a summer cold / allergies / congestion so I kept myself in the shadows as much as possible, flop sweating profusely and feeling pretty bleh.

Dinner at my mom’s rounded out the night. As the table was being set, I watched some reuniting the bands show on VH1 with my brothers. Extreme (yes, the More than Words guys) and Squeeze (apparently known for Hourglass, not) had no part in the invasive schemes of the music channel. The show was a letdown, dinner was tasty with fresh fruit and a banana shake for dessert.

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I tried to document a cicada. But my macro is really shallow and I couldn’t quite get the red eye in focus. I can’t see proper through my view finder either, and I think I need new glasses anyway.

As for the cicadas, in the city proper, they’re not much of a bother. I don’t know the history of these bugs, but they appear to be really dumb. They can’t fly worth a poo and they just seem to kill themselves more than anything.

Dead ones littler the sidewalk.

I’m glad it’s not an infestation though, as I’m not ready for the Rapture, no matter what our President thinks.

Dinner Club: Barbeque Revue


Pigged out with 12 other folks at the Barbeque Revue over on Madison Road. I doubled up with half a chicken, pulled pork sandwich, baked beans plus macaroni and cheese.

All that good California eating gone straight to pot.

The vittles were tasty, and the atmosphere was BBQ joint-y. The highlight, among hanging out and catching up with the crew, was getting soft serve from a train car in the parking lot.

Okay, maybe the highlight was everyone sticking their finger up the grotesquely shaped tuckus on the fiberglass pig out front.

Family day

All filled in

Drove out to my sisters today and enjoyed the drive. Picked up lots of supplies at the craft store and fabric store for my sewing project along the way.

Took another shot of the half grazed hill for compare and contrast purposes. Amazing what a few months can do.

Gave my brother a Coleco handheld football game I picked up at the antique toy store a while back. He instantly recognized it and the batteries seemed to work.

Hung out back with my sister and just shot the shit about life in general and it was good. If I had a million dollars, she’d so be on a beach right now having a frozen drink with an umbrella in it. She’s due.

My niece is getting ready to go on a trip to Yellowstone and I’m real excited for her. Hopefully the time with her pops and first plane ride will be super great. I know when I first went out West a brief time ago, I was bowled over at the difference of geography. It’ll be interesting to get her impression.

Speaking of pops, my dad’s been getting around, sat outside a piece today while watching my brother repair a mower. He seems a little haggard, but hanging in there with aplomb.

Overall, ya can’t ask for much more on a Sunday.


Objects in mirror are weaker than they appear
Photo by Wendy

So I baled hay on Saturday.

Actually, the John Deere tractor and baler did that, I simply worked with a crew of 5 to move the hay from field to barn.

As the day wore on, the bales seemed to be getting heavier— but the mood was jovial coupled with banter laced with co-misery.

My efforts to make my pale skin less pale were senseless. Long-sleeved shirts are the way to go.

Cicadas were out in full force. I thought they were sorta fun to grab and make the males squeal (or whatever you’d call that noise they make).

Overall, it was likely the best day of work I’ve had in a long time. Okay, best half day. I felt accomplished, muscles were pleasantly ached, and I got to be outside.

More and more I feel like there is an intense need to step away from the computer. It’s not healthy to sit in front of one all day long.

Fish, like company…

Two bears and a sea monkey

It’s not often I can guilt folks into visiting the fine city of Cincinnati, but I managed to succeed this weekend. The three bears are still here and we’ve yet to exhaust all the kitsch shops and old architecture.

They’re so easy to entertain.

Today we popped into the aquarium after more chili for lunch.

Tonight’s our last night to defeat Rez on the Playstation2.