Cincinnati as destination city

The Big Mac Bridge

This weekend our bear group hosts a run. It’s called Furgasm, just sayin the name makes me chuckle.

I ventured out on Friday night to bars I never visit. I was surprised at the quality of music and dancing bears. I was however, keeping one eye peeled for Alex as I knew he was driving in from Peoria.

The Best Beard, Butt and Belly contest ended and I left the go-go bar to venture other places. It took me a while to spot Ilex, and he caught me at the tail end of leaving bar #2. A quick tour of the NorthSide and the evening was over. We agreed to meet the following day.

So I find myself rushing to the airport to pick up Peter this morning, as he found a cheap escape ticket from Texas.

We grab some vittles at the greasy spoon and shop the quaint area I call home. I never went into the antique toy store, and I am blown away by nostalgia. They have an Optimus Prime I really want and have no need for.

We drive aimlessly and end up heading downtown, pop in the studio, then head to the Contemporary Arts Center. I had only been at the opening gala, but without the crowds, this museum deserves a dedicated entry. The art-cynic in me went silent and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

We drive over to the host hotel and pick up Ilex for a Thai dinner up Mt. Adams – a place that gives San Francisco a run for the money when it comes to parking. A view of the river caps off dinner.

Lingering at my house afterward, I realize that I need to brush up on my hosting duties and stock a better fridge and pull out more interesting books to leave on the coffee table.

The bar that night was pleasant enough, but there were not enough contestants to flush out the sash paegentry. Event cancelled. I find this amusing and sad at the same time.

Another fantastic early fall day here, time to log off.