Face Off

A ride at pride

I wanted nothing more than to stay at home with the skies hinting at storms.

But I hadn’t gotten to Kings Island this year, and there were new rides, and tonight, since it was Pride Night, there would be no lines.

So I went, by myself… Hoping I’d run into my brother.

Oddly enough, I parked right behind him and his compadres in the lot and scalped a sweet deal on a ticket.

The sky cleared some. The weather was perfect.

It was a blast to jaunt around the park going from ride to ride with my brother and his fine company. He hadn’t been to Kings Island in years and it was fun to see him grin from the new rides.

The diversity of the folks there surprised me, since I only go to the same places over and over. Totally different sets of people there, and the mood was good.

Saw lots of folks down from Columbus and generally tipped my hat to some familiar face in every line.

It was spooky dark as night fell and there was a mist around the park. It seemed they didn’t turn on all the lights to conserve energy or something, so there was a particularly ominous feel walking around. This was blown however, by the piped in Madonna remixes that made me think Alvin and the Chipmunks were at it again.

Overall, great night at the amusement park.