Yo mama’s got two gold teeth, one says 24k and the other says “Believe that shit if you want to.”

Walking back from lunch, I see this cracked poster in the window of the gold shop. I ran my tongue over my teeth patted my billfold. Starting at $29.99 these would be a bargain, but so cleverly marked down to $19.99, I began to drool.

It was a pleasant day here in Cincinnati. Autumn-cool in the morning and non-humid breezes begged for the windows to be opened in the studio.

Today I was also reminded, our lease is way past up and the property manager has been unable to track me down to sign a new contract. Seeing that I’ll probably be up in Columbus more than two days a week, I may be able to continually miss him.

It’s a steal for what we pay for it, but a three year commitment right now seems so… heavy.

If the studio had a shower and a kitchen, I’d live there. It’s really the ideal spaceClick for photos

I figure I’ll keep avoiding the landlord, maybe disguise myself. Gold teeth would be a start.

3 responses to “Bling”

  1. Loco Avatar

    where is this place located at in cincinnati, cause i wan buy a grill a-sap no matter how much it costs. i might buy to grillz if they cheap so get at me a-sap

  2. john Avatar

    where can i find grillz
    i need them badly, but for a good price better yet cheap price, can u help me out and tell me where i can get this stuff. I live in WA. Thanks
    plz respond ASAP

  3. Grillz By Pooch Avatar

    You can get some pretty affordable grills from me and you dont have to fly to me. got to my web page on myspace, see which one you want then i’ll give you the instructions. hope to help you!