Family day

All filled in

Drove out to my sisters today and enjoyed the drive. Picked up lots of supplies at the craft store and fabric store for my sewing project along the way.

Took another shot of the half grazed hill for compare and contrast purposes. Amazing what a few months can do.

Gave my brother a Coleco handheld football game I picked up at the antique toy store a while back. He instantly recognized it and the batteries seemed to work.

Hung out back with my sister and just shot the shit about life in general and it was good. If I had a million dollars, she’d so be on a beach right now having a frozen drink with an umbrella in it. She’s due.

My niece is getting ready to go on a trip to Yellowstone and I’m real excited for her. Hopefully the time with her pops and first plane ride will be super great. I know when I first went out West a brief time ago, I was bowled over at the difference of geography. It’ll be interesting to get her impression.

Speaking of pops, my dad’s been getting around, sat outside a piece today while watching my brother repair a mower. He seems a little haggard, but hanging in there with aplomb.

Overall, ya can’t ask for much more on a Sunday.