Cincinnati Pride 2003

A complete stranger

I lollygagged around the apartment until the beats from the bar woke me up. Soon the drag queens would take over the fire escape next door with microphone and loudspeaker, firing up the crowd as the parade wound down the hill and through the first part of Northside.

I went over and had a grilled hotdog in the park and was glad to see there was a good crowd today, very different than the sparse turnout on Saturday.

The parade came and went, as the crowd dispersed to the park for music, beer and Graeters ice cream, this chick with the mustache handsign hollered at me, “Hey, take my picture.”

I obliged and said thanks. She said, “You didn’t take my picture” and I said sure I did and showed her the preview.

I’m suffering from a bit of a summer cold / allergies / congestion so I kept myself in the shadows as much as possible, flop sweating profusely and feeling pretty bleh.

Dinner at my mom’s rounded out the night. As the table was being set, I watched some reuniting the bands show on VH1 with my brothers. Extreme (yes, the More than Words guys) and Squeeze (apparently known for Hourglass, not) had no part in the invasive schemes of the music channel. The show was a letdown, dinner was tasty with fresh fruit and a banana shake for dessert.