25 years and still awesome

The Beast

I got some stuff out the door and checked off early Friday.

After noon, Art and I decided to go to Kings Island spur of the moment with some free passes I had.

It was a muggy day, slightly overcast. Hoping that would work to our advantage, we were right– the 9 dollar parking lot wasn’t very full at all. Everyone was likely en-route to holiday destinations.

Lots of families were out, but that opens up the lines on the thrill rides.

We never waited more than 3 go rounds on any coaster, except for the whitewater canyon adventure thing. (I got drenched.)

The Beast, celebrating its 25th year, never fails to put a grin on my face. As Art put it, it’s like a runaway train in the woods. It still holds the record for longest wooden coaster after all this time.

I coerced him to get on the DropZone, my favorite ride, even though he’s got a slight thing against heights. He enjoyed it.

We were beaten up and bruised from the Son of Beast and called it a day, walking past the new security gates with metal detectors.