Objects in mirror are weaker than they appear
Photo by Wendy

So I baled hay on Saturday.

Actually, the John Deere tractor and baler did that, I simply worked with a crew of 5 to move the hay from field to barn.

As the day wore on, the bales seemed to be getting heavier— but the mood was jovial coupled with banter laced with co-misery.

My efforts to make my pale skin less pale were senseless. Long-sleeved shirts are the way to go.

Cicadas were out in full force. I thought they were sorta fun to grab and make the males squeal (or whatever you’d call that noise they make).

Overall, it was likely the best day of work I’ve had in a long time. Okay, best half day. I felt accomplished, muscles were pleasantly ached, and I got to be outside.

More and more I feel like there is an intense need to step away from the computer. It’s not healthy to sit in front of one all day long.