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  • Mental note: Don’t sniff Comet cleanser

    Rainy Cincinnati So I found my office keys buried in my satchel and the studio remarkably shiny. Dave has new shoes and a pilot’s license. Heather was fit and blonder. I wasn’t terribly productive, but mapped out some stuff. Perhaps it was the mountain Dew and XL latte pre-noon that made it difficult to focus. […]

  • How much meat can you handle

    The three bears Lunch was a “Gerber” at Ruma’s Deli – essentially a big open faced sub slathered in garlic butter and ham put through the oven to melt the Provel cheese (A St Louis original – a pasteurized process cheddar, swiss, and provolone cheese). Yum. Dinner was That’sa Nice’a Pizza and French Dip subs. […]

  • The Boardwalk

    Suckers for the photos after the rollercoaster ride is over… Recovery from Dore “Up Your Alley” Fair was relatively painless. We got in somewhat early after bar hopping and slept soundly. Today we ventured to Santa Cruz to hang out at the Boardwalk amusement park thingy where Lost Boys was filmed. The drive down was […]

  • Dore Alley

    It was hot So after deciding to be the boring midwesterner, I grabbed a flannel and my camera and headed with Art to the Up Your Alley fair. Started off sorta empty, though there were a few folks that felt it wasn’t too early to get naked. We stood on the corner by the Bay […]

  • Ameoba

    FunkyBear dips into the rock section Went to the Haight and avoided the Gap. Bought too many useless knick-knacks and t-shirts. Met up with Martin. Ate crepes and heard folks argue in French. Then, there was Amoeba. They actually didn’t have everything I was looking for, but they had a helluva lot I wasn’t. Art […]

  • Calgary Rodeo

    Canadian Rockies International Rodeo Spent more time watching the rodeo today. Toward the end of the day, I was beat and took a nap on the lawn behind the stands. Decided against dinner on the grounds and went to BJ’s house to have some tasty stir fry. Watched a few episodes of “The Family Guy” […]

  • Cincinnati Pride 2003

    Luther and Dan at Cincinnati Pride Parade, 2003. (Carl’s off to the right) I have never been to a pride parade in Cincinnati. I went to the one in San Francisco way back in 1999. Seems like an eternity now, but it is one of those things a somewhat sheltered fella from the midwest was […]

  • Great Plains Rodeo 2003: Day 2

    Yeehaw I must remember to read up on the instructions for my camera to learn how to lock focus manually. I must also remember to bring a tripod of some sort. Marmot has that nice tiny one you can strap on to things, I bet that would do nicely. I missed breakfast by mere moments […]

  • Great Plains Rodeo 2003: Day 1

    Behind the arena, a horse takes pause from lunch to ponder the fella with the camera. The first day of the rodeo began with usual ceremony. Grand Entry has groups from area rodeo chapters prance around the arena with flags a wavin’ and shirts neatly tucked. There’s singing of the National Anthem and O Canada, […]

  • Yeehaw

    Giddyup Well, I s’pose the DNS has finally seeded, and the site I’m helping put together with my friend Harley is now live. He started this HomoRodeo thing a while back to get fellers from the chat room together. Started as grassroots, got too much for him to manage by hand. It’s been a great […]