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  • The ol “make a video of yourself lip synching” meme

    Go with yourself. I just couldn’t find a song I liked… My tribute to Fiona Apple’s MTV Music Awards acceptance speech as interpreted by Janeane Garofalo. (Thanks to Brian for the idea, Pratt for the instigating push and Erik for the follow-through) Related links: • The BIG BIG list of videos (sadly lots of dead […]

  • iPudge

    Yay It’s been a very t-shirty year. Apparently CafePress was unhappy with the striking similarity of this shirt to Apple’s iPod marketing. I’d be more concerned if I was iPod my Photo, given Apple’s propensity toward lawsuit these days. Anyways, with the removal of the gray screen, it was possible to put them back up […]

  • Acoustic

    Jeffinthebox Tonight’s highlight: getting to see Jeff from Columbus, perform live downtown at some joint I’d never been to. Sweet voice. Great (albeit too short) set. Got a CD but forgot a sharpie to get my tit signed. I owe his other half a drink. Afterward, the best pizza I have had in Cincinnati sold […]

  • Guerneville

    A banner day We got into camp mid-afternoon and the Marmot got right into getting the tent and cots set up. Once the shade tent (purchased oddly enough at Alberstons grocery store) was erected, we stole a picnic table and the crafts began. I had cut out hundreds of fabric squares in red, yellow, green, […]

  • The chef has left the building

    Robbie and Brent I somehow managed to sleep a little past sunrise on the deck, then the task began of cleaning up anything that was left aflutter from the meal that happened. Once the truck was loaded up with dishes and pans and other implements of culinary magic, I caught the photo above and we […]

  • PixelBlocks

    Jim is always that happy in front of his laptop, really. I knew I’d have to head home at some point. Languishing in the company of friends is always nice, but I was starting to clean the kitchen and I knew where most of the pots and pans went. The home of the three bears […]

  • The Mud Flap Bubba

    10-4 good buddy One afternoon, while out in Grass Valley, Erik got some assets from Jim and the notion of fiddling with the mud flap chick emerged from the vapors. What started as a few minutes of tinkering and vectoring, turned into an afternoon of “What about this?!” and new variations were born. It’s nice […]

  • Carpet cleaning

    Looks almost like Lucille Ball at the vineyard Lhamo decided, as everyone zonked out watching projected movies on the wall, that the cool new (but really really old) carpet from Tibet would be a good place to pee. Brent remedied the situation after several washings as the dirt from hundreds of years filled the bathwater.

  • Sunday

    Fish, Gustavo, Robbie and Trey looking off The party was good, and most folks survived. Then we got Iku good and drunk for making such a great meal, then threw her in the hot tub.

  • Good food and extreme croquet

    Iku prepares the salmon I helped set up the extreme croquet field in front of the barn. The weather was a fine hot heat and the Budweisers went down well. Neel came out the night before on his sojourn from St. Louis and more folks arrived throughout the day setting up tents and carving out […]