FunkyBear dips into the rock section

Went to the Haight and avoided the Gap.

Bought too many useless knick-knacks and t-shirts.

Met up with Martin.

Ate crepes and heard folks argue in French.

Then, there was Amoeba. They actually didn’t have everything I was looking for, but they had a helluva lot I wasn’t. Art left FunkyBear and myself to our own devices and several hours there.

Bussed it down to the Metreon to look at all the cool Sony stuff we shouldn’t buy and relaxed to JLo on the big screens and comfy couches.

Headed to the EDGE for happy hour. Bleh crowd other than meeting back up with Art.

Tried to find parking in the Mission for taqueria.

Didn’t find parking in the Mission.

Ate chinese vittles in the Castro.

I dropped Art off at the bars and went home as stomach screamed from the chinese vittles.

Played CDs.