Woof pardner, click fer mor pics


Well, I s’pose the DNS has finally seeded, and the site I’m helping put together with my friend Harley is now live. He started this HomoRodeo thing a while back to get fellers from the chat room together. Started as grassroots, got too much for him to manage by hand.

It’s been a great success. He asked me for my help, and I gladly jumped. Not often you can have fun usin what ya know with such great benefits.

Sorta like a bear run, without the orgy undertones (not that there’s anything wrong with that, i just like diversity), these rodeos tend to bring down-home country folk and cowboys at heart together in a great atmosphere. And diversity is a good part of these things. Hell, you could bring yer mom or kids.

I’m lookin’ forward to the one’s left this year I’ll be attendin’… Oklahoma City, Denver, Calgary, Minneapolis and Chicago.

If i’m in yer neck of the woods, holler.