Great Plains Rodeo 2003: Day 2


I must remember to read up on the instructions for my camera to learn how to lock focus manually. I must also remember to bring a tripod of some sort. Marmot has that nice tiny one you can strap on to things, I bet that would do nicely.

I missed breakfast by mere moments at the hotel this morning. There were a handful of fellas online though, and laughter was hearty. One guy from Texas had me in stitches. A very charismatic fella, he made NOT being overtly masculine work somehow. It’s taken me a while to accept everyone as they are, and I think I’ve made progress. I’m not going to ever be comfortable calling fellers "girl friends" or mix pronouns for endearment, but there’s no reason not to laugh when someone says, "…And where did you think you were going when you put that on, 1994?"

I got to the rodeo early and scarfed down a chili cheese dog.

I actually watched most of the events this day and enjoyed hanging out with a Texan who’s got the nickname "Asshole Magnet" from me. Dunno what it is about this guy, but he seems to find more fights and get in verbal brawls than anyone I’ve met.

He can hold his own though, I’ve little doubt.

I spent some time pestering the DJ, browsing through his mixed cd’s and making mental lists. I love lookin at other people’s music. More often than not though, I’m beginning to get overwhelmed by everything that is out there.

A good friend slipped out quietly and I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, but as he mentioned later, online, I’m a "special" friend and goodbyes aren’t always necessary. As I agreed, I began to ponder the worth of being special.

Dinner at a BBQ joint with some Denver contestants, their other halves, and the Texan brought out the truly horrible pun, "tradin bruised ribs for spare ribs" and laughter trickled from there into the hot tub back at the hotel.

Thoroughly beat, I took a nap that turned into a very long nights rest.

UPDATE: Gallery posted.