Mental note: Don’t sniff Comet cleanser

Rainy Cincinnati

So I found my office keys buried in my satchel and the studio remarkably shiny. Dave has new shoes and a pilot’s license. Heather was fit and blonder. I wasn’t terribly productive, but mapped out some stuff. Perhaps it was the mountain Dew and XL latte pre-noon that made it difficult to focus.


Two of the three bears jumped into the journaling fray Kevin and Jim and taught me a thing or two. I had previously twiddled with offline journal editing, but X-Journal for the mac ROCKS and has a handy history feature to edit my redundant redundant-ness.

I cannot shake a scene from Cheech and Chong’s “Up in Smoke” since viewing it in St. Louis. In dire need to remedy the memory, I failed downloading the movie from peer networks and rented the Video Cassette. While hooking it up to a DV cam to digitize, I found a message saying it was illegal to dub copyrighted material. I could only record a few seconds at a time and had to splice together a few clips. Hmmm, why can’t protecting images online be so smart?

Apparently it has been raining lots since I was gone in the ol’ Queen City. This summer has been notably cooler than norm.

A friend from up north clued me in on a great program for the mac, Still Life . It stitches together stills with nice pans and fades. This will make the creation of a DVD for this past journey easy. Much easier than iMovie or iDVD (gasp).