Dore Alley

It was hot

So after deciding to be the boring midwesterner, I grabbed a flannel and my camera and headed with Art to the Up Your Alley fair.

Started off sorta empty, though there were a few folks that felt it wasn’t too early to get naked. We stood on the corner by the Bay Area rodeo beer booth and just watched as the people went by. Throughout the day it was a roll call of LiveJournalers: Arkanjil, Bearzbub, Funkybearmartin, Urso, Sinnabor and too brief run-ins with ThatDangOtter and Iberianbear.

After seeing “Jack Radcliffe” in the flesh, folks with funny piercings and contact lenses and flailing appendages, I felt sorta, hmmm, non-plussed by the whole scene.

The aforementioned LiveJournal folks were more interesting and attractive. Maybe this is ’cause I don’t get my kicks completely from cruising, and this is by no means a virtual community-building backpat. These folks are truly handsome. Sad part though, not enough time to chat. Not near enough.

The day ended at the not-too-painfully packed Lone Star and then some other bars and then I was truly done.

I survived Dore Alley.