Cincinnati Pride 2003

Luther and Dan at Cincinnati Pride Parade, 2003. (Carl’s off to the right)

I have never been to a pride parade in Cincinnati.

I went to the one in San Francisco way back in 1999. Seems like an eternity now, but it is one of those things a somewhat sheltered fella from the midwest was not likely to forget. Some people were running around naked. I saw boobies and peckers floppin’ about. Lots of folks in leather, out in public!

The most memorable thing though, was the “Beige is Beautiful” float, where everyone was in, um, beige. It was totally unlike a Gap ad.

Flash forward to Cincinnati, which I think has had, maybe 4 pride parades scattered throughout time. It is held in “Northside,” our most liberal neighborhood aside from the University’s Gas Light district.

The weather was threatening, however a damn good crowd came out.

It was F U N, despite the occasional bursts of rain.

The dykes rode bicycles and kept their shirts on. In fact, there was no nudity. It was like “River City” was having the parade of parades where everyone was just happy to be out and reveling.

The vibe was kick ass.

My personal highlight: watching the “flaggots” come down the street, doing a fucking brilliant routine(?) to I belive Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful.

So much happened, I can’t begin to fill it all in at this hour. A shout out to and , both of whom I was glad to see. Judging from the photo gallery; I am not stalking Carl, I’m sure he has enough of those.

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