Our first fire

Please don’t bring attention to the faux brass insert

It’s supposed to get chilly tonight and we’re not turning on the furnace.

Been toting around a bundle of wood through two moves, finally it gets used.

So nice.

In other goings on, we’re watching BBC World News instead of the usual suspects this evening.

It’s like porridge that’s almost just right; refreshing to have limited punditry and reports from other countries around the globe.

8 responses to “Our first fire”

  1. chuck Avatar

    what a great shot. the cat just makes it.
    (at first when i read the headline, i thought, “damn! they had a fire! but why would he say ‘first fire’? does he want to have lots of fires at his house?” ok. duh.

  2. Lili Avatar


  3. Girl Avatar

    Great photo. How did you get the cat to pose like that? 🙂 Sure would like to teach my cat to do that, when I bring out the camera, she always closes her eyes. It is a beautiful picture. And thank you Brits for BBC!

  4. Pirata Avatar

    Welcome, Ike! Purrs from Indigo, Ashen and Paisley.

  5. Amy Avatar

    How did you make the tail glow?

  6. Denae Avatar

    I woke up to the BBC news every morning for a year and a half. I miss living in London. It is chilly today in Oregon…wish I had a fireplace – the pic is so warm.

  7. Glass Avatar

    That glow is the reflection of the fire, of course.

  8. Daniel Black Avatar

    I look for the BBC World News whenever I remember to. Even though it still feels catered to a U.S. audience, there’s a nice, comforting humility in hearing about the rest of the world from the rest of the world.