Getting to know Dayton, plus a dreamy desk

architectural detail in the Oregon District

Dinner with a couple o’ fine fellas here in town—one of which my partner has known since college.

After some good vittles we toured neighborhoods of downtown Dayton, learning about the history, people and buildings. I took notes and made a checklist of places I need to visit:

Dayton Art Institute : I’ve yet to go, and it’s mostly free of charge for visitors
International Peace Museum : Being a proponent of such, this place might be right up my alley.
Laser show on the river : Laser images projected onto a football field sized water screen. Lasers!
Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum : Though I can’t pronounce that word that means tree park, I’m told it is a must visit place, and I can see the grave of Erma Bombeck, the Wright Bros, and other local dead people.

We threw in a quick trip to the Oregon District and picked up a bunch of old vinyl on the cheap, and then found a dream desk that is out of my price range and not on the list of Things Needed.

Current music: Iron & Wine “Lovesong of the Buzzard”