a little Lost

In front of the Arboretum

I can still feel the sunshine from the sweet but hurried walk through Balboa Park. The tables full of handsome folk at breakfast. The exact moment when I got all misty eyed at the wedding. The glass of bubbly that warmed my head.

The trip home and connecting flights ate up a day. I wondered if the seats got smaller or my ass got bigger.

Going through photos like the one above, and piecing together words.

Work, busy productive… good. We printed up a new shirt last week, I’ll post about it tomorrow.

Speaking of weekends, I was totally going to get on top of things and play catch-up on the days that keep slipping by (insert broken record). But see, I borrowed the first season of Lost from my friends a while ago, and we finally broke down and started to watch it on Friday.

It is destroying all freetime.

One response to “a little Lost”

  1. Darrell Avatar

    funny, I just got hooked after finding that ABC has all four seasons of Lost online for free viewing. Just started season 2.