36 hours in Chicago


In semi-order of appearance:

3 Musketeers, Coudal (too quick a pitstop), Fat Tire Beer, F-LIST Art Show – organized perfectly by Mike Segawa and Mike Vesper, Woofer (who took this photo of me standing in front of Thor’s tongue), Bebe, Jason, Charles, Lloyd, Randy, Lula Cafe, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Threadless, Hopleaf, Naz, and Andrew.

I’m pleasantly exhausted (we left sadly before bear night out at the bar), but man was this a good trip to Chicago. I believe I lost 5 pounds from the flopsweat alone. (Mental note: start rocking head and wrist bands to sop it up).

Special thanks to Mike for having me in the show, Meredith for the place to crash (and David for the coffee and neighborhood tips).

I met a lot of fine people, but in lieu of writing it all out, there are snapshots:

Photos36 hours in 47 photos

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on the road

first time stretching out the odometer on the Rabbit

Going to rock out with a few new albums along the way:

Animal Collective “Strawberry Jam” – upon strong recommendation from Garrison

The New Pornographers “Challengers” – cause I like harmony

Black Francis “Bluefinger” – initial impression is positive

Iron & Wine “Shepherd’s Dog” – first two spins, it sounds like a “grower” Potentially good.

Tegan & Sara “The Con” – Because Ray and Sheila made it sound great in SF

St. Vincent “Marry Me” – Tom keeps playing it at the studio, I like.

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The far view fades away

My guess? Lake Powell [ + zoom ]

I am home.

The trip? Too short.

People I didn’t get to see. Burritos I did not get to eat. Pictures I wish I had taken.

On the flipside—I did see wonderful things, met and revisited folks, all dear.

And though I want to capture every moment, sort through photos, and savor the memories right this second – for now I must return to the here and now, the inbox overflowing, and a few projects requiring attention.

Before I hunker down, a big thank you to everyone along the way.

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Muir Woods


San Francisco was dense with goodness.

Looped up through Muir Woods on the way out.

Man those trees got perspective.

Can’t type more, headed to Phoenix.

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vacation has begun

watermelon margaritas being served

Arrived in California after a long jaunt through Indy and Denver.

Greeted with hugs, wagging tails, and good spirits (like the ones pictured above) in Grass Valley.

I should now mention I’m the worst vacation planner ever, keeping things by the seat of the pants. A few loose ends workwise I need to wrap up, then it’s off to ‘Frisco for a few quick days, then back on a plane to the cool weather of Arizona for another handful.

Will be posting photos up in this set as they happen.

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2 nights only

Sunset on Lake Michigan

My workmates took their family up to Saugatuck for a much needed vacation. They asked if Dan and I would like to steal away for a few days last minute and we said heck yeah.

Aside from being a neat word, Saugatuck is a fine destination.

We didn’t spend too much time exploring the town proper (there seemed to be an unusual amount of ice cream parlors) – but we did spend a fair piece looking out across the lake, enjoying the beach, reading books, playing with kids, eating yummy food, and getting perhaps a bit too much sun.

When the day rolled around that we needed to head home, it was hard, I’ll admit. But work beckoned.

So aside from all the other stuff going on, that’s one reason why it’s been so quiet around here.

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our only souvenir

a bowl filled with sand, shells and drink umbrella

Flew back into Indy and made the drive home on Thursday. It’s cheaper to fly out of airports that are not in southern Ohio for some reason.

I’m not sure when airlines decided that sitting on the runway makes us a captive audience for credit card pitches, but that could hardly hamper what was a flawless day of travel.

I know the trip was great because we would go back to Ft. Lauderdale without hesitation. The Schubert Resort (warning, men in tight fitting swimsuits) was —to go with their retro theme— a swell place to spend our days and nights. We did venture away to visit beaches and restaurants, and had the pleasure of spending a slice of time with Bill who should really consider being a professional tour guide.

For my friends that know (Big Wave) Dave, a few drinks with him over pizza revealed he’s alive and well. The ocean life suits him.

We could’ve used a bit more sun, and I’m remiss I didn’t get to catch Onajídé in his element, but I’ve only fond memories for this short spring break. Now to get back into the Ohio groove.

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drinks with umbrellas

Thanks kindly for the photo Bill

Sitting at Ocean Alley overlooking Hollywood Beach, having drinks with umbrellas.

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spring break ’07

view of the St. Patrick’s Day sunset from the seat of a plane headed to Florida

Posting will be sparse these next few days.

At some point I might write a diatribe of why most travel sites are awful, or the awesomeness that is Trip Advisor customer hotel reviews, complete with appropriate snark and honesty.

Until then, a pool and an ocean are calling our names.

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