Miss Liberty

A quick update

Having an excellent time in NYC.

No time to write.

But I’ve thrown up a slew of photos on Flickr for the moment.

A few fuzzy (video) clips of Rufus.

3 responses to “Miss Liberty”

  1. Awesome photos. You caught the plethora of people and sights down to a tee. Have fun in NYC. Your photos make me miss my former home.
    Was Sweeny Todd that complex? I thought it was a standard play.

  2. Sweeny Todd was complex, even though it was stripped down Crioknight. Here’s why: everyone was onstage all the time, actors in a scene talked facing the audience. These things combined made it a little tough to figure out who was talking (or singing) to each other.
    Having actors play the score was a tremendous success I feel, but with the complexity of the material, the reworking of the songs and stripped away presentation – it just left me with an empty “Broadway” feeling.
    I think if I saw a bunch of shows in my life, this production would be a welcome relief. As it stands, I probably should have seen Ave. Q.

    And thanks AJ. Appreciate it (and I will agree that Crocs are completely ugly – but entirely selfish as they made every step in NYC (and there were many) comfortable and springy. 😉