NYC: The June Oh Six Trip

Heading to the N train

Arrived safely in NYC yesterday with nary a hiccup in the transfer from car to plane to bus to train. A place to crash in Hell’s Kitchen up 6 flights of steps provided introduction to a most wonderful host.

Tonight, Rufus, recreating the 1961 Judy Garland performance at Carnegie Hall.

Random thoughts:

Watching people on the Subway never fails to entertain. I could skip any tourist destination and be satisfied with this experience alone.

Crocs may be ugly, but they are hands down the most comfortable shoe to beat down the pavement (apart from those white nurse shoes with the thick soles.)

My eyes are dry, likely from fine dust in the air.

The weather is mild and nice.

Posting will be sporadic, but lots of photos are being crammed into the memory card.

4 responses to “NYC: The June Oh Six Trip”

  1. libby Avatar

    There’s no excuse, Chris. Just no excuse. Kevin’s rotting flip flops are better than crocs and I’ve been known to spread peanut butter on those and leave them near the dog.

  2. A.J. Avatar

    crocs are so gross… german garden-gnome gear… the flip-flop answer to uggs.
    i like smurfs, but really… !!!

  3. Lindsay Avatar

    Did you go to this Rufus show? I read about it in the Aug issue of Interview magazine? He’s so righteously talented. And not too soar on the eyes…

  4. Chris Avatar

    I did go to the Rufus show Lindsay.
    I must say, it was awesome.