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  • mustache on a stick

    at the Curiosity Shoppe Spent the last afternoon in the city wandering around the Mission with a mighty fine fella and designer, Geoff. (If you’re in the area and like diners, hit up St Francis Fountain & Candy on 24th street) We walked around because I was told that if I didn’t keep walking, the […]

  • Where we last left off…

    The view from the dog patch, San Francisco I left Ohio and we still hadn’t had power for days. (Ugh) Didn’t like the thought of leaving my fella alone in all that darkness, but there was a job-gig-thing out in California, and it was for a good cause. (More on that another day…) The work […]


    My initial pronunciation, “Less girls” Got back from San Diego on Monday. Stayed an extra day because it was so darn lovely. Haven’t had more than three minutes in a row to reflect. Just thought I’d pop in and say hi. Above? A picture from our last day in the Golden State. I need to […]

  • One last look at Vegas

    80 or so pictures, and a little video I’ve finally scoured through the memory cards to pick several handfuls of images from the long weekend that was Vegas. And if it wasn’t for the girl who’s birthday was the impetus for this trip, I likely wouldn’t have gotten this finished so quickly. (I haven’t even […]

  • And then we flew home

    Somewhere between Nevada and Missouri The big Vegas trip ended with a tasty breakfast (egg whites, basil, tomatoes, shaved Parmesan, toast), one last whiff of the Venetian signature scent (urinal puck) and a leisurely cab ride to the airport. Our driver was happy to receive a few of the Coca-Colas we had been chilling in […]

  • The King and I

    at Madame Tussauds Trip almost over, the long process of sorting through photos begins. I didn’t get a sunburn or blisters on the feet, so I feel like this vacation was a success. Current soundtrack: Airport terminal banter

  • Still in Vegas

    Flamingo For our last full day we bandied funds together to get 24 hours of Internet in the room. (This does not mean we’ll be spending oodles of time online, but at least everyone can reply to urgent emails.) Ticket pushers have been trying to get us to see Toni Braxton’s “Revealed” at the Flamingo. […]

  • 36 hours in Chicago

    Caption In semi-order of appearance: 3 Musketeers, Coudal (too quick a pitstop), Fat Tire Beer, F-LIST Art Show – organized perfectly by Mike Segawa and Mike Vesper, Woofer (who took this photo of me standing in front of Thor’s tongue), Bebe, Jason, Charles, Lloyd, Randy, Lula Cafe, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Threadless, Hopleaf, Naz, and […]

  • on the road

    first time stretching out the odometer on the Rabbit Going to rock out with a few new albums along the way: Animal Collective “Strawberry Jam” – upon strong recommendation from Garrison The New Pornographers “Challengers” – cause I like harmony Black Francis “Bluefinger” – initial impression is positive Iron & Wine “Shepherd’s Dog” – first […]

  • The far view fades away

    My guess? Lake Powell [ + zoom ] I am home. The trip? Too short. People I didn’t get to see. Burritos I did not get to eat. Pictures I wish I had taken. On the flipside—I did see wonderful things, met and revisited folks, all dear. And though I want to capture every moment, […]