vacation has begun

watermelon margaritas being served

Arrived in California after a long jaunt through Indy and Denver.

Greeted with hugs, wagging tails, and good spirits (like the ones pictured above) in Grass Valley.

I should now mention I’m the worst vacation planner ever, keeping things by the seat of the pants. A few loose ends workwise I need to wrap up, then it’s off to ‘Frisco for a few quick days, then back on a plane to the cool weather of Arizona for another handful.

Will be posting photos up in this set as they happen.

Current music: Kanye West “Stronger”


  1. Yay! Welcome to California. If you happen to cruise through San Diego on your way to AZ, you should make a pit stop and I’ll supply you with some refreshments!

  2. Welcome to California.
    Just a quick tip… Don’t ever let anyone in San Francisco hear you say, “Frisco”, or “San Fran”. They’ll run you out of town. It’s either, “San Francisco” or “The City”.

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