NYC: The June Oh Six Trip

Heading to the N train

Arrived safely in NYC yesterday with nary a hiccup in the transfer from car to plane to bus to train. A place to crash in Hell’s Kitchen up 6 flights of steps provided introduction to a most wonderful host.

Tonight, Rufus, recreating the 1961 Judy Garland performance at Carnegie Hall.

Random thoughts:

Watching people on the Subway never fails to entertain. I could skip any tourist destination and be satisfied with this experience alone.

Crocs may be ugly, but they are hands down the most comfortable shoe to beat down the pavement (apart from those white nurse shoes with the thick soles.)

My eyes are dry, likely from fine dust in the air.

The weather is mild and nice.

Posting will be sporadic, but lots of photos are being crammed into the memory card.

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Cramming the days together

It’s almost the weekend again and I’ve not caught up from the last one.

PhotosSome extra photos from St. Louis

In other news:

Work continues to be a combination of tending to existing projects and finding time to work on the big to-do list of new things.

Having the TV without any sort of broadcast signal has been super helpful to that regard.

I can’t breathe through my nostrils and although this is not the worst thing that could happen, it certainly is annoying.

So many folks getting married or having babies. A good friend called to say she stopped drinking, and immediately I knew she was pregnant. Both (future) parents are really awesome people and I’m thrilled.

I was hoping for more excitement from E3 announcements, but more than anything, I just vacillate between being over and underwhelmed. I’ll admit I’m a Nintendo fanboy, but waving a controller in the air sorta freaks me out.

A highlight of the week was renting The Family Stone from the videostore up the street. It was free because I’ve rented so many movies. The downfall? It was a flimsy shod of a movie. Two thumbs down, minus 3.5 stars.


fun for all ages

I drove back from St. Louis yesterday, just in time to miss Gomez at WOXY. Which was sad, but not as sad as the machine-gun-like attack of sneezing and congestion that came on during the drive. Allergies? Perhaps.

The rodeo, St. Louis, was great. Good times all around with a weekend capping meal that will live forever in the memory of my taste buds.

Not too many photos from the rodeo… I forgot my battery pack at the 3 bears’ house. So this one form Jim’s stunning Nikon will have to do until I can post more tidbits later this evening.

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St. Louis

the burbs

Arrived safely and ahead of schedule, beating my hosts who are currently attending a Cinco de Mayo party.

That’s okay, I can leech their wireless network from the carport.

Tomorrow, rodeo!

If you come out, be sure to look for the tall guy in the camouflage cap wielding a camera, and say howdy.

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Lexington, KY

A rack at Jonk

Semi-spur-of-the-moment trip down to Lexington Sat. night for dinner, and oh what a meal it was. Best. Lasagna. Ever.

You know, you say things like that and think it’s exaggeration, but no, it’s true.

A formidable hat tip to the hosts / chefs.

Colorful company, a round of Mall Madness by Milton Bradley, brunch the next day and some thrift store scavenging. I’d go into detail, but work is busy.

PhotosSome extra photos will have to do

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looking back

Another photo from the road

I thought I’d throw this out to balance the Photoshop geekery (below). It’s an image I can’t quite figure, as it has not been manipulated.

Just a shot of the rear-view mirror and an overpass in Louisville.

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Along the way

Taking I-64 along southern Illinois and Indiana through Louisville is a profoundly more interesting drive to get from St. Louis to Cincinnati. I dunno why I go any other way. Save for some impressive thunderstorms at the tail end of the trip giving me white knuckles, I was pleasantly reminded I can go a fair piece on one tank of gas.

Caught Brokeback Mountain at the Tivoli (which is a dang nice theater in STL) before leaving. I’m still a bit miffed it wasn’t filmed in Wyoming, but it seemed a faithful translation of the text. Even with all the media attention however, it was better than Cats and I’d buy a Ennis and Jake lunchbox if they made ’em.

Aside from the flick, there was lots of food, a nifty massage technique with rolling pin, a trip to Ben Franklin (craft store), and a reminder to never play MarioKart with the boys and hope to win.

Always hard leaving my friends there. There’s never enough time.

Hopefully 2006 will bring more opportunities to break bread.

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Super 8

Cost: $55.00

At a motel on the outskirts of Chicago, HBO is free. There is no alarm clock and the box spring has questionable stains.

It was a fine enough place to stay within spittin’ distance from a rodeo, but to make it fancy—staying at the event’s official hotel might make economical sense, and parking sense.

Or not. I’ve heard said, it all looks the same in the dark.

More photos later.

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The tail end of California

Right photo by Brent (for scale)

Back in Ohio after a long day of travel yesterday, and I still feel like I’m on Pacific Daylight Time.

Inevitably, trips have little fragments that escape recollection. Between the piles of things that stack up while away, my mind occasionally lapses to something I forgot.

The last day started with green eggs and ham (really). Then we loaded up backpacks for a hike down to the Yuba River. I escaped injury as determined by scale that ended with “recipe for disaster.”

Some random thoughts from the week:

  • I need better shoes. Desperately. Something good for hiking in and out of water.
  • Mindy Smith has a lovely voice, I especially dig the acoustic version of One Moment More (skip the download if you’re not into sap)
  • Paste Magazine has great supplemental DVDs even if Billy Corgan is on the cover.
  • Extra special hat tip to Robbie for stopping by outta the way. Way too short a time to listen to that sweet Irish lilt.
  • If you can’t find your car keys, check the fridge.
  • Whenever I travel west, I get this inexplicable feeling that stirs my spirit.
  • Lots of photos from waterproof cameras on the rafting trip are posted.
  • I need to incorporate steel cut oats with flax oil in my daily regimine.
  • Chicken lady loves life.
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Looking out from the Northwest terminal

I took exactly one photo on the trip back.

This is it.

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