mustache on a stick

at the Curiosity Shoppe

Spent the last afternoon in the city wandering around the Mission with a mighty fine fella and designer, Geoff. (If you’re in the area and like diners, hit up St Francis Fountain & Candy on 24th street)

We walked around because I was told that if I didn’t keep walking, the pain in my calves would double. All the planets were in alignment and every time we needed direction or destination, a sign appeared. Could I pick up a Birchville Cat Motel album for Tom? Aqaurius Records was across the street.

Pitch perfect weather, all good fun, and an excellent way to close out the short trip.

I arrived back in Ohio at midnight after squeezing my abnormally tall frame into three airplanes where I had to make the same decision three times: roasted peanuts, biscotti cookies, or peanut butter crackers. I chose the latter.

The Curiosity Shoppe
The Pirate Shop at 826 Valencia
Aquarius Records
Little Otsu
– Bonus link, current music: Sonseed “Jesus is a Friend of Mine”

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  1. harold Avatar

    last week, my wife and i were visiting family in dayton — sans electricity — raking leaves and twiddling our thumbs, and i thought, “wonder what chris glass is up to?” turns out you were getting ready to come West a day after us and walk around our neighborhood and visit some of our favorite places. cool coinkydink.