Still in Vegas


For our last full day we bandied funds together to get 24 hours of Internet in the room. (This does not mean we’ll be spending oodles of time online, but at least everyone can reply to urgent emails.)

Ticket pushers have been trying to get us to see Toni Braxton’s “Revealed” at the Flamingo. What’s “Revealed”? An intimate look at the heart and soul of Toni Braxton, her music, her life and her loves.

We decided to see the sexy Cirque show called “Zumanity” at the due-for-a-major-remodel New York, New York. The show was fun, even though it was breast-centric. Nice costumes, live music, acrobatics and some comedic bits. No wiener.

My personal goal today? Besides some pool time; a buffet.

Total gambling loss thus far: $12.00

Current music: The Breeders “Istanbul”