36 hours in Chicago


In semi-order of appearance:

3 Musketeers, Coudal (too quick a pitstop), Fat Tire Beer, F-LIST Art Show – organized perfectly by Mike Segawa and Mike Vesper, Woofer (who took this photo of me standing in front of Thor’s tongue), Bebe, Jason, Charles, Lloyd, Randy, Lula Cafe, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Threadless, Hopleaf, Naz, and Andrew.

I’m pleasantly exhausted (we left sadly before bear night out at the bar), but man was this a good trip to Chicago. I believe I lost 5 pounds from the flopsweat alone. (Mental note: start rocking head and wrist bands to sop it up).

Special thanks to Mike for having me in the show, Meredith for the place to crash (and David for the coffee and neighborhood tips).

I met a lot of fine people, but in lieu of writing it all out, there are snapshots:

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4 responses to “36 hours in Chicago”

  1. Naz Avatar

    Chris — it was damn fun spending time with you and Dan. A pleasure indeed. Great photos too!
    Hope to see you soon and I look forward to our showdown…

  2. Rachel Avatar

    aw, i’m sorry i didn’t get to meet you even though we were within blocks.
    (also, i’m jealous that you went to the threadless store… i still haven’t been. even though it’s… within blocks. man, i’m such a flake.)
    if you enjoy good beer, next time you’re in town i’ll take you to Map Room in bucktown (just north of wicker park). they have over 200 kinds of beer. including delirium tremens! hardcore.

  3. Dave P. Avatar

    Nice to see a Hopleaf mention, it’s one of my favorite bars in Chicago. Andersonville rocks. But you didn’t go to Reza’s for dinner?

  4. Chris Avatar

    No Rezas Dave, but I’m making a list for the next trip.