Where we last left off…

The view from the dog patch, San Francisco

I left Ohio and we still hadn’t had power for days. (Ugh)

Didn’t like the thought of leaving my fella alone in all that darkness, but there was a job-gig-thing out in California, and it was for a good cause. (More on that another day…)

The work week wrapped up with great success and I found myself on a train to Berkeley to see My Morning Jacket. (Maybe I saw you there.)

Though my dogs were barking, and it was spitting rain, the show was excellent. (Really excellent. Kanye could learn a thing or two from these boys)

Doubly good was receiving a text during the show that power was back on at our place in Ohio. I will note: our neighbors still don’t have electricity. (For those counting, that makes a full week.)

I’m closing out the trip helping my friends move. The network is iffy in their new joint and they keep blaming me for destroying their electronics. (It totally was not me.)

As I leave tomorrow I’m reminded that a trip to California is always energizing and never long enough. (And if I lived here, I bet I would have awesome calves.)

Current music: My Morning Jacket “I’m Amazed”

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  1. Girl Avatar

    Welcome to California Chris, where the weather is gorgeous at the moment. I’m glad you have your electricity back, my sis is in Texas and things are not so good at her house. House still standing but it will be 5-8 weeks before they’ll have power again.
    Where we left off…I had an interesting thought this morning about politics and wine. Perhaps you’ll read it in the airport.