A powerful 2-in-1 fan!

I ’bout peed my pants when a friend I call “Brown” pulled this gift out of her (what I assume was a…) Wal*Mart bag.

The package attempts to pull cues from Apple design, as does the product itself—essentially a fan with two speeds: off or on. It sucks in air from the front and shoots out a somewhat weak, but comfortable draft upward.

It’s definitely sucking.

It is also hilarious and I love it since it is the only thing I have that looks like an iPod.

Seems appropriate to talk about the power of Apple’s iPod today as France passed steps that might force all these music players to play nice with each other.

I’m certainly not opposed to having Windows Media files play on an iPod, or having AAC files play on some (insert whatever other MP3 players there are).

But I wonder, does this mean I’ll soon be able to visit MTV’s site on my Macintosh and watch videos with Windows Digital Rights Management?

Does this mean Apple will have to make TV shows work on a JuiceBox? Or music bought from the Microsoft music store will have to play on HitClips or a Linux machine?

Just wondering.

4 responses to “i-fan”

  1. Bullock Avatar

    Sounds nice doesnt it.

  2. bitbear Avatar

    Never mind the fan, the shirt is what caught my eye. It looks soft, comfortable, and I love the houndstooth.

  3. LRicci Avatar

    God, that shirt brings back Swiss memories.
    Is it the same one I’d be familiar with from about 10 years ago?
    Must have truly been handled with care…

  4. Frank Avatar

    Where can I purchase and for how much,,,Let me know, I have seen and used this fan and I want to buy some…
    Please give me a price on multible units. Thanks
    or call 402-587-o207