International videoconferencing

Computers are magic (when they work)

Been trying to get Kim’s laptop to hook up with her dad’s PC so they can stay in touch while she and Kelley are out on tour all over the world. (If anyone has insight on cross-platform video chatting software/tips, let me know! update: we’re moving away from AIM and trying Skype next time around)

The girls landed in Japan yesterday.

It was in the wee hours of the morning there, and early evening here in Dayton. I ran over to her parents house with my laptop and set up in the kitchen.

Kim’s mom totally didn’t believe it was live video for a minute, but it became perfectly natural in no time. They were gabbing with each other chin in hand, mirrored through this technological window.

We chased around camera-shy cats for hellos, and showed off tomatoes in their backyard (Our tiny ones pale in comparison). I asked her dad if they expected a good crop and he told me never to count your tomatoes before they’re red.

5 responses to “International videoconferencing”

  1. will Avatar

    skype is cross platform.

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    My brain burped and I totally forgot about Skype. That would likely be perfect.
    Danke kindly Will.

  3. chuck Avatar

    my boss uses skye to videoconference with his sister. and they both love it.

  4. chuck Avatar

    i meant, skype.

  5. amy Avatar

    My kids skype all the time. Next time your in the wood, call. I’ll show you my cool bike.