a glitch while importing digital footage

The crunching of video continues. I’ve now imported 40 gigs of footage to whittle down to 36 minutes or so. More on the results another day, I’m knee deep in production at the moment.

I’ve jumped through three programs trying to find the right balance of features and ease of use to tackle the video editing job:

iMovie HD (v. 6.0.3), iMovie ’08, and Final Cut Express 4.

I’m no means versed in each, but I can say briefly that iMovie 08 is the short-term winner. I initially lost my grip with the new interface change from linear timeline to stacked scrubby clips, but most every function required for this job is present—just hidden in an uncluttered manner.

I wish Final Cut Express was the solution as it offers so many options, but adding a transition between clips required some weird, non-drag-and-drop math-like maneuver that was super unintuitive. I left the program frustrated and cursing.

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3 responses to “artifacts”

  1. Andrew Simone Avatar

    Most video editing software seems to have that unintuitive non-drag-and-drop functions. Sony Vegas is a good mean between iMovie and the ridiculousness of professional movie editing software. Deron recommended it to me.
    But I’d stick with what you are comfortable with (which it sounds like your doing).

  2. macfixer Avatar

    Any chance I could get a huge copy of that pic for use as a wallpaper? April Fool’s Day is coming…

  3. glass Avatar

    Thanks Andrew. I’m guessing this Sony software is PC only, but I’m going to look into it. I’ve also been hearing good things about Adobe’s Premiere which I used to use way back when.
    And Macfixer, here is a the PNG of the artifacts capture at the original size. You can duplicate it to fill a screen. (insert grin)