At the Showcase Cinema

Popcorn camouflage

Been lacking on the movie-going of late. Usually I squeeze in a good handful over the holidays, but either the calendar is fuller or options at the cineplex are less enticing.

Movie 1

I did catch Juno with my ma on the day when everything but the cinema is closed. Liked it so much I watched it again with friends visiting from California. Laughed out loud at the same point in each showing (Sonic Youth was involved.) I do feel a little dirty that a big movie studio tried to make it seem super-indie, but often times, I like to feel manipulated.

Movie 2

Just caught Sweeney Todd this past week.

After seeing Patti Lupone in the recent rework of the musical (picture from the trip to NYC), I was reticent to see this movie. Decided to go because I am enamored with Tim Burton’s take on things in general.

Gritty pretty. Kept me rapt. And now I can’t stop humming those songs.

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Tissues und Brillen-Putztücher

Above the Ghetto in the bathroom

Back in 2003, I went to Europe with a fine group of fellas. It was about this time of year in fact. While there I ate excellent food, saw lots of art, rode a bike around, wrote the neatest things on scraps of paper that made no sense the next day (in Amsterdam), beer, camaraderie, all the good stuff.

I have few mementos ‘sides the photos, but I did hoard a couple things. The first being the Tempo tissues pictured above. I’ve a dozen pocket packs to ration these past four years. I also bought a whole bunch of Brillen-Putztücher for cheap. Love ultra-clean lenses.

My stockpile is running out of both. It’s time to think about Europe again, or go the boring route and get them online.

Two reasons I broke out the tissues: First the cold, it’s getting better. Then we watched that Evening flick with Claire Danes and Toni Collette and Vanessa Redgrave and and and… It was better than The Notebook and I recommend it to moms and folks that appreciate a lady-flick.

Yeah, I got misty-eyed. But I’m proud of that fact.

Clears up the sinus passage, and I’ve been told tears make you live longer—just like laughter.

In other similar flick related notions: They’re really going to have to clean up the language in Georgia Rule before it gets on Lifetime—though the commercials might liven it up.

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Under new management

and running out of readerboard 3’s

When I passed by the Holiday Auto Theatre back in January, it was up for sale. It has since sold and they’re starting to shake things up—using off days to put classics on the drive-in screen (last week they had Re-Animator!) I think this bodes well.

I was going to pull in for a sharp shot, but a police car was on my tail and made me nervous.

In other news, I haven’t seen a movie in a while.

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Entertainment recap

The RAVE theater in West Chester

Children of Men this past week left me a little speechless. I haven’t wanted to see a movie twice in a while. This might be that movie. I had a great phone conversation with my mom talking about the themes, the possibility, the look, and the way people treated their pets.

I’d assume Saturday Night Live is like most things — a rollercoaster of ups and downs. But lately they’ve had some really bright spots. Jake Gyllenhaal’s opening bit last night was better than Showgirls. Powerful good, and such a great way to thank obsessive fans who can’t get enough spy photos of his biceps (youtube link, thanks Henry). I was also a fan of Laser Cats 2, but the Shins as musical guest made me hotline sad.

After seeing the inaugural show for Grease: You’re the One That I Want last weekend, I immediately signed up with Netflix. Really.

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Holiday Auto Theatre

From their house rules: Common sense prevails

I pass by this drive-in (on the outskirts of Hamilton, OH) often on the way to work. Even posted a photo of their entrance sign last June.

The sky was particularly clear today, so I pulled in and made with the snapshots, wondering how much the place cost. It’s for sale see. All nine acres plus the business.

I want drive-ins to be around for a while and I wonder how they could supplement income through the off season. I’m thinking for winter you could rent out chunks of time with console games projected from the snack bar. And cocoa. I figure it’s been done before, buy hey, one can dream.

Speaking of movies, I went to see that Dreamgirls flick with my ma last night. I kept waiting for the big emotional song and all of a sudden the credits rolled.

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snowbot + the new dakota movie

It’s like KITT, but more festive

The above electronic snowman robot (powered by USB cable) is available from Think Geek.

Many thanks to the 3 bears for putting it on my doorstep.

If you’re curious to see it in action, I posted a grainy movie clip on Vimeo.

In other news: just got back from seeing Charlotte’s Web and it was not displeasing. Pretty straight-forward re-telling of the story, but with Steve Buscemi instead of Paul Lynde.

I didn’t realize Danny Elfman did the soundtrack, though I suspected his style during the web weaving sequences.

It wasn’t until the beautifully rendered end credits rolled that suspicions were verified. I was hoping to find who did that bit of animation, but my search-engine powers are a bit drained at this hour. If there isn’t a movie credit ‘blog, there should be. All I found on the IMDB was that the real Christopher Glass was involved, and he also worked on House of Wax.

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Banana ketchup, Wympee, & The Holiday

Inside and outside the Wympee burger [ not quite a Mazda jingle: zoom, zoom ]

I’ve been to downtown Dayton proper only a handful of times. More and more recently.

This week I had dinner at Pacchia. Sadly no photos as I loathe the flash, but there wasn’t a way I could’ve documented the excellent conversation, or the portabello fries with banana ketchup (essentially, banana puree). Also recommended: the salmon. A jazzy duo lent background music with favorites like “Over the Rainbow.”

Next up, I went looking for an Army Surplus store yesterday, and found a reseller of Army type gear instead. Luckily I forgot my wallet, but it wasn’t a total wash: I had enough change in my ashtray to eat breakfast at the Wympee burger. This place oozes classic, even with the new mexican food menu. If I was a bolder behind the lens, I’d spend an entire day there for the people. Paying with dimes was de facto, but the vibe was bright and cordial.

Unrelated to these fragments of the Gem City, I went with friends to catch Cameron Diaz in her sequel to “In Her Shoes” last night. Jude Law had an impressive tan. Jack Black almost throttled the creepy. Cameron has really awesome hair genes or special shampoo. And I still think Kate Winslet can do no wrong, even when she dances in bed to modern alt-pop-rock. Otherwise, this is fine fluff for any season, but two bathroom breaks makes me think a.) some more fluff should have made it to the cutting room floor, b.) This movie will be better with commercial breaks, or c.) I need a stronger bladder.

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wishbone, Bobby

Loveland, Ohio

Thanksgiving was good.

I woke up early enough to watch the Macy’s parade kick off. I quickly remembered how all the lip-synched musical numbers made me anything but thankful, and pined for a version without hosts and more float coverage.

Then I met up with my mom and the brother I seldom get to see, and we headed over to my cousin’s house for the feast. His place lent a fine backdrop for milling around the kitchen or the football game.

I filled up on all the good stuff and drove back home for a nap, waking up to catch a late showing of Bobby. You know, that new movie not about Bobby Kennedy.

I finally lost interest in the Star-studded Emilio-Crashtacular when I saw the Crisco and Dole fruit cans in the stockroom of a kitchen scene. They had new Crisco and Dole logos — clearly not from the late 60’s. I then derided myself for being too critical by noticing this minutiae.

Don’t get me wrong, there were good bits, namely Sharon Stone and Demi Moore looking all normal with wrinkles covered by caked on makeup. But their dialog was indicative of the films major flaw: it was like the editors of Saturday Night Live were involved – losing the ability to know when to cut to the next scene.

All the ingredients for greatness were on the table, but the whole flick left me feeling empty.

Thankfully, the meal earlier in the day, did not.

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Marie Antoinette

This is not the Pepsi Generation

Dan and I found the local cineplex this Sunday and caught the Sofia Coppola flick. They sold pizza at the theater which seemed good because we hadn’t eaten dinner.

The pizza looked better than it tasted, and paled in comparison to all the food (porn) on the big screen.

Such pretty food.

And there was Kirsten Dunst, she was pretty too. I consider her the Sigourney Weaver of the generation after me: part of that MTV Generation, the Boomerang Generation, or Generation Y.

Mind you, Sigourney Weaver is not in my generation, Generation X, but a Baby Boomer or part of the Beat Generation.

Just thought I’d make that clear because I know it gets confusing.

I’m not sure if Maria Antonia Josefa Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen (aka Marie Antoinette) had a fun generation name. I always thought the French (and Austrian folk for that matter) were too pragmatic for such nomenclature.

Anyway, Kirsten Dunst was less like Sigourney Weaver, and more like Jim Carrey in that Eternal Sunshine movie, meaning, she wasn’t annoying and I felt sorry for her predicament.

Good flick, but next time we’ll eat beforehand and skip the pizza.

[ See all the supposed names of American Generations dating back to 1701 ]

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dorks on a polaroid

Newport, KY

“The Brown” had 2-for-1 movie passes.

We went to see that one with the snakes.

Maybe I was in a gullible mood, but I threw popcorn in the air on at least three occasions, and grabbed a hold of her arm a few times to boot.

Fun gratuitous scares.

Outside the theater a fella was selling 5 dollar polaroids with his pet.

Good times.

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