Banana ketchup, Wympee, & The Holiday

Inside and outside the Wympee burger [ not quite a Mazda jingle: zoom, zoom ]

I’ve been to downtown Dayton proper only a handful of times. More and more recently.

This week I had dinner at Pacchia. Sadly no photos as I loathe the flash, but there wasn’t a way I could’ve documented the excellent conversation, or the portabello fries with banana ketchup (essentially, banana puree). Also recommended: the salmon. A jazzy duo lent background music with favorites like “Over the Rainbow.”

Next up, I went looking for an Army Surplus store yesterday, and found a reseller of Army type gear instead. Luckily I forgot my wallet, but it wasn’t a total wash: I had enough change in my ashtray to eat breakfast at the Wympee burger. This place oozes classic, even with the new mexican food menu. If I was a bolder behind the lens, I’d spend an entire day there for the people. Paying with dimes was de facto, but the vibe was bright and cordial.

Unrelated to these fragments of the Gem City, I went with friends to catch Cameron Diaz in her sequel to “In Her Shoes” last night. Jude Law had an impressive tan. Jack Black almost throttled the creepy. Cameron has really awesome hair genes or special shampoo. And I still think Kate Winslet can do no wrong, even when she dances in bed to modern alt-pop-rock. Otherwise, this is fine fluff for any season, but two bathroom breaks makes me think a.) some more fluff should have made it to the cutting room floor, b.) This movie will be better with commercial breaks, or c.) I need a stronger bladder.

Current music: TKD6K “Nice”