snowbot + the new dakota movie

It’s like KITT, but more festive

The above electronic snowman robot (powered by USB cable) is available from Think Geek.

Many thanks to the 3 bears for putting it on my doorstep.

If you’re curious to see it in action, I posted a grainy movie clip on Vimeo.

In other news: just got back from seeing Charlotte’s Web and it was not displeasing. Pretty straight-forward re-telling of the story, but with Steve Buscemi instead of Paul Lynde.

I didn’t realize Danny Elfman did the soundtrack, though I suspected his style during the web weaving sequences.

It wasn’t until the beautifully rendered end credits rolled that suspicions were verified. I was hoping to find who did that bit of animation, but my search-engine powers are a bit drained at this hour. If there isn’t a movie credit ‘blog, there should be. All I found on the IMDB was that the real Christopher Glass was involved, and he also worked on House of Wax.

Current music: Arm of Roger – “Down with the Animals”