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  • 8 word reviews for the movies I consumed in 2008

    In alphabetical order I haven’t been writing these down even though I seem to average 2 a month, which is entirely possible because I don’t have kids or the wherewithal to learn CSS. Oh, and I don’t pick favorites just because. 27 DressesIt was free on a plane ride. Disposable. Burn After ReadingJust okay, wanted […]

  • a tin full of cookies

    all that remains are these images The remainder of Christmas Day: We caught The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which is a fine enough flick. I didn’t want Brad Pitt to get younger as much as I wanted to turn on some lamps around the set. Either it was a dark movie or the projectors […]

  • I just saw Synecdoche, New York with my brother and mom

    I bought these old glasses because I thought they were neat and funny. Every once in a while, they are, but most of the time they’re just sad.

  • Making a movie about making a world

    Shooting the action from above Today I donned my first wireless microphone… you know the little ones they clip to your shirt for interviews? It was terribly exciting even if I was a bundle of nerves. Here’s how it went down… In July I got a note from a fella named Steve Juras. He’s working […]

  • Where I forget about the landfills

    and buy the toy anyway [ alternate photo ] It was a safe bet going into the theater. I’ve enjoyed every single Pixar release and I pretty much knew I’d like WALL-E. I dig robots, hand-holding, and long walks in deserted areas. The movie did not disappoint. (sidenote rationalization brought on by green-guilt: I’ve stopped […]

  • Where I forget about the landfills

    and buy the toy anyway [ alternate photo ] Review

  • Into the Wild, and a quick trip west

    Too many photos to sort, here’s a well kept Pinto in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel somewhere off I-70 Last Thursday night I rented Into the Wild – a flick directed by Sean Penn adapted from a based-on-a-true-story book by Jon Krakauer. Whoa. I really liked it. I wrote down a few quotes from […]

  • No Matter How Small: A movie, a little politics, and crafts

    A Seussian clover I went and caught Horton Hears a Who a few weeks ago, and boy did I like it. I walked out thinking, dag, that was quietly heavy in a good way. Todd Walters finds better words over at The Millions where he wrote Horton Hears a Who! as Political Theater. “Horton also […]

  • There Will Be Blood, Once

    A scene from Once Dag, how can I put all this down brief-like so I can feel like I captured the gist without taking away too much time from actually living (and sleeping)? If you consider watching movies “living”—which I do, because movies are the only real thing I do outside of work and love […]

  • Camouflage cat

    Again, if I could write LOLcat captions, this would come in handy Unrelated to kitty: that movie yesterday, Cloverfield? The only thing it needed was a strong anchor character with acting chops, like those of say, Andie MacDowell. And a tripod. Current music: The Worst Pies In London