Kill Bill


I went and saw a movie yesterday.

Luckily it wasn’t the opening weekend so I had the theater mostly to myself.

I get better cell phone reception in the theater than I do in my house.

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Identity is the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time.

Wendy and Tom came down for lunch to give Dave a pre-mini-sabbatical present and let everyone get to meet their new daughter. They look so natural with a stroller.

Quite a handy thing in fact. There are storage pockets and racks all over that thing. I never have enough pockets. Maybe I should get a poor old dog and tote it around in one of these things.

We ate at a place called Bella, since Benihana said we couldn’t sit together, even if we waited. (This would’ve been good news when we first started waiting there 20 minutes prior.

Dave got a nice set of aviator goggles. I got to try em on and Tom took a pic with his new digital camera. It’s so much lighter and smaller than mine. There was a sliver of new-fangled drool coming from my mouth. The food was decent, albeit way overpriced. I wouldn’t make a point of going to Bella.

Getting back to the office, work seemed kinda lame. Heather and I decided it was a good time to see a movie and beat rush hour.

House of 1000 Corpses or Identity.

I felt the latter would be better.

I was very wrong.

Very, very wrong.

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A friend once asked me, have you ever been in love. My initial reaction was agape. I replied, “Of course I have been in love. Many times.” I didn’t even have to think at all to bring the answer forth.

This turned into a somewhat heavy conversation about what love is, which is certainly something worth chatting about. Seems that folks have different and finite interpretations of what love, indeed, is.

For me, it is an emotion that goes beyond physical interaction, into a place where we care deeply for another individual.

I can easily say I have loved many people, and once it crosses into that realm, even if we part ways, maybe even have a “falling out,” it doesn’t matter… The love still exists. So in terms of being “in love” – I suppose it’s not something one falls out of in my book. I am constantly in love. It comes to surface in varying degrees.

It’s also not a two way street.

Some folks fall in love.
Some folks get married. Some folks go out.
Some folks get divorced. Some folks break up.
What they thought was love is then (often) replaced by this intense anti-love. This hatred or loathing.

This is not what I would’ve considered love in the first place. I can’t deny that part of life is change, so that’s a variable I will confess. Though, I would be remiss to use the word enemy, I can see loving one’s enemy.

I can love without reciprocation, and I don’t mind that one bit, as it is a fantastic feeling all unto itself. It’s warming and wonderful.

Oh by the way, the movie Adaptation reminded me of all these thoughts. I saw it tonight, and it was good.

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