At the Showcase Cinema

Popcorn camouflage

Been lacking on the movie-going of late. Usually I squeeze in a good handful over the holidays, but either the calendar is fuller or options at the cineplex are less enticing.

Movie 1

I did catch Juno with my ma on the day when everything but the cinema is closed. Liked it so much I watched it again with friends visiting from California. Laughed out loud at the same point in each showing (Sonic Youth was involved.) I do feel a little dirty that a big movie studio tried to make it seem super-indie, but often times, I like to feel manipulated.

Movie 2

Just caught Sweeney Todd this past week.

After seeing Patti Lupone in the recent rework of the musical (picture from the trip to NYC), I was reticent to see this movie. Decided to go because I am enamored with Tim Burton’s take on things in general.

Gritty pretty. Kept me rapt. And now I can’t stop humming those songs.

Current music: Sun Kil Moon “Space Travel Is Boring”