Under new management

and running out of readerboard 3’s

When I passed by the Holiday Auto Theatre back in January, it was up for sale. It has since sold and they’re starting to shake things up—using off days to put classics on the drive-in screen (last week they had Re-Animator!) I think this bodes well.

I was going to pull in for a sharp shot, but a police car was on my tail and made me nervous.

In other news, I haven’t seen a movie in a while.

Current music: Hooters “All You Zombies”

2 responses to “Under new management”

  1. Valdez Avatar

    Anyone willing to show Re-animator is cool is my book, especially in a small town. Love that name too, Holiday Auto Theater, I can see the boring postcard. Wish more people were doing things like this.

  2. hailey Avatar

    Fantastic. We haven’t had a drive in in my home town for years. I don’t know if there are any more in western canada at all, to be honest.