Where I forget about the landfills

and buy the toy anyway [ alternate photo ]

It was a safe bet going into the theater. I’ve enjoyed every single Pixar release and I pretty much knew I’d like WALL-E.

I dig robots, hand-holding, and long walks in deserted areas.

The movie did not disappoint.

(sidenote rationalization brought on by green-guilt: I’ve stopped buying body wash in plastic containers, switching to bar soap. I don’t think this makes up for my weakness in the toy aisle, but the little fella does make me smile)

3 responses to “Where I forget about the landfills”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    where did you buy that? i want one.

  2. chris glass Avatar

    Found it in a seasonal aisle at Toys-R-Us
    Its the one that transforms to a box. It was 20 bucks.
    The only thing I dont like about it are the whack treads

  3. minxlj Avatar

    I got the u-command one that performs lots of functions, sings and dances – I didn’t buy it, it was a gift from my friend. But it will be loved 🙂 I’m already pretty good when it comes to reducing, reusing and recycling but I will be making a more concerted effort.
    WALL•E is awesome, a beautiful film. I adored it. And the Presto short they showed before it – very funny indeed. Disney-Pixar rule.