a tin full of cookies

all that remains are these images

The remainder of Christmas Day:

We caught The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which is a fine enough flick. I didn’t want Brad Pitt to get younger as much as I wanted to turn on some lamps around the set. Either it was a dark movie or the projectors at the Esquire were dim.

Afterward, Mom sent us on our way with—among other goodies—a tin full of cookies.

The contents did not last very long.

I’m not sure when my mother incorporated Chocolate Covered Coconut Balls into the mix, but it breaks with tradition and I will be petitioning to have them removed from holiday rotation. Luckily, few others share my distaste for coconut so it was easy to find homes for them.

The other good news is that the remaining three varieties (mincemeat, spritz, and thumbprint) rank as all-time favorite cookies, ever.

2 responses to “a tin full of cookies”

  1. LK Avatar

    Spritz are my number 1 Christmas cookie favorite! My darling mother mailed a box of cookies all the way to Hawaii this year. (She has by now given me the necessary tools to make my spritz, but I just fear it won’t be the same…) She and a former neighbor have been baking Christmas cookies together for nearly 40 years now. And while some cookies drift in and out of the mix (although no coconut as it is like kryptonite to my mother), the regulars always include spritz and thumbprints — and what we always called “Pfeffernuts.”

  2. D R E W Avatar

    coconut. yuk.