There Will Be Blood, Once

A scene from Once

Dag, how can I put all this down brief-like so I can feel like I captured the gist without taking away too much time from actually living (and sleeping)?

If you consider watching movies “living”—which I do, because movies are the only real thing I do outside of work and love that keeps me tethered to the world as I know it. Aside from music, eating food, and laundry.

I’d throw sleeping in there but I’m not sure that keeps me tethered to the world.

Recent viewings in front of screens:

There Will Be Blood – Saw it projected on Saturday by myself because my other half prefers brighter cinematic entertainment (and I can’t blame him). This flick was one helluva character study. It’s dark and rattles the stomach. I didn’t enjoy it, but I was moved and it made me think. I’d probably go back for seconds after some time has passed. Kind of like White Castles.

Once – Home rental helped me score the shot from the TV (above). I wanted to record something to memory to remind myself of the movie. It surprised me like Murderball, and something else I can’t remember but truly enjoyed. Mind you it had a little shaky camera like Cloverfield, but there was respite.

Speaking of that Cloverfield, you might have seen or read about the characters videotaping or using their cell-phone cameras in times of duress, and this is a reflection of society today. I say it would have been extra ironic and fun if someone had said, hold on, let me stabilize the camera and frame this shot nicely. I’ll stop complaining about the lack of tripod now, forever.

Back to Once, I’d bought the soundtrack a while ago knowing that Glen Hansard of The Frames was involved. I still have a glow from his 2004 tour.

The soundtrack totally makes sense now and I am smitten with everything about this flick. I’ve heard reviews call it a new musical or refinement of music video, and maybe it is. I don’t care, it’s extremely genuine and made me feel all warm and stuff.

Also on the small screen, I’ve been watching Project Runway, but I can’t add any more flavor than Dave White’s weekly updates on The Advocate. Here’s last weeks. His words make me laugh, and I got to ffffind this picture and remind myself that sometimes the show can be a hoot.

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  1. Rachel Avatar

    hmm, never thought i’d see Once compared to both Murderball and Cloverfield.