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April 05, 2006

in stitches

I can hear Dan Akroyd doing his best Julia Child,
"Oh now I've done it, I've cut the dickens out of my finger"

After 3 hours waiting in the ER and then staring up at this drop ceiling, I am 7 stitches stronger and typing really slow after a mishap with a (brittle) drinking glass in sudsy dishwater.

And on my special hand no less.

PhotosThe aftermath, for those that don't faint at the sight of stitches... really

How about some links for levity?

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Steven Harrington — makes beautiful prints (via)

Chinese Restaurant Sign Generator — Like the church one, but different

The Troubled History of Beards — Today, pogonotrophy is normally accepted in society; but in the past, growing a beard could cause quite a few problems. (via)

You Seem Interesting — I will add you to my friends (via)

The Other Family — The Family Circus gone utterly over the top tasteless(via)

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the same thing happenned to me but with a fishbowl, i cut the nerve so now i have no feling i half on my finger, the right side is numb.

Posted by: seb | Aug 9, 2007 11:21:52 PM

Ouch! Hope u recover quickly!

Posted by: Thomas | Apr 9, 2006 11:20:52 PM

Sorry about your accident; hope you're feeling much better :)

Posted by: Nik | Apr 7, 2006 3:12:35 PM

You got F'ed up fo' sho!!!!!
That's what you get for peeing in your sink!

Posted by: "Brown" | Apr 7, 2006 10:51:07 AM

Ouch be sure to keep that clean. We would hate to see you get an infection and have it fall off.

Posted by: Bullock | Apr 6, 2006 9:44:04 PM

Bloody hell! (teehee) Get well soon.

Do I even want to know why that's the "special" hand?

Posted by: Rick | Apr 6, 2006 2:16:53 PM

well, there goes my lunch...

Feel better and quick recovery!

Posted by: neal gardner | Apr 6, 2006 1:11:16 PM

Ouch, well, now you got a reason for the missus for not having to do the dishes again ;). I wish you a good recovery!

Posted by: Alexander Berglund | Apr 6, 2006 6:12:21 AM

thanks all!
doin well here.

just... slow with the typing, shampooing, and other basic things.

Posted by: chris glass | Apr 5, 2006 4:17:16 PM


Mr. Glass watch the… er… glass.

Hold your hand up to the screen. Sending healing vibes from NY.

Posted by: davis | Apr 5, 2006 4:14:55 PM

Espero que te mejores pronto de tu dedito lastimado.

Posted by: Andrés | Apr 5, 2006 2:24:50 PM

Yikes! I'm hoping that wasn't as painful as it looks. I never realized dishes could be that risky.

Posted by: Didactic | Apr 5, 2006 1:16:13 PM


wishing you a speedy recovery.

Posted by: byron | Apr 5, 2006 12:26:21 PM

Man that looks pain. Here's to a quick recovery.

Posted by: Michelle | Apr 5, 2006 10:21:20 AM

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