in stitches

I can hear Dan Akroyd doing his best Julia Child,
“Oh now I’ve done it, I’ve cut the dickens out of my finger”

After 3 hours waiting in the ER and then staring up at this drop ceiling, I am 7 stitches stronger and typing really slow after a mishap with a (brittle) drinking glass in sudsy dishwater.

And on my special hand no less.

PhotosThe aftermath, for those that don’t faint at the sight of stitchesreally

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  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnn!!!
    You got F’ed up fo’ sho!!!!!
    That’s what you get for peeing in your sink!

  2. the same thing happenned to me but with a fishbowl, i cut the nerve so now i have no feling i half on my finger, the right side is numb.

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