Half fish log, hot slaw, steak fries

No comment, instead, links:

Want to make a book but don’t have iPhoto? Blurb launched with its own desktop application for design.

The DS Lite arrives June 11th for $129 bucks
Related Nintendo links: (playable) Metroid cubed, couple trailers for New Super Mario Bros.

How to make a shot glass out of ice (via)

Climb along the top of a bridge in Cincinnati. It costs a mere 60 bucks and you get a photo. Me? I’d want to take my camera. (via)

5 Beard Championship photos on Yahoo.

3 responses to “Half fish log, hot slaw, steak fries”

  1. Rick Avatar

    Have you upgraded to the new iLife yet Chris? Just wondering if it’s actually worth the money for the improvements. I have a real love/hate relationship with iPhoto right now.

  2. glass Avatar

    The new iLife is an incredible upgrade Rick. iPhoto is worth it alone.

  3. duane Avatar

    I didn’t know that DS was so cool! I just recently got an original NES, and have been enjoying the old games… man I miss those! Perhaps I will fork out the money for the WII when it comes out!